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*Turns difficult two man jobs into a Do-It-Yourselfer

*Install long-lengths easier with less cuts

*Compresses and holds Tongue & Groove and Shiplap style boards for a straight, tight fit

*Reversible piece for different board styles

Blue anodized aluminum
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For best results start with tool in closed position and keep threads lubricated.

When installing any board style that you need to straighten or hold in place, position the tool, reversible piece, 1, against the chosen board style. The nailer, 6, should be directly in line with a stud, rafter, or truss. Put 1 or 2 nails or screws through holes in nailer, 4, securing the tool to the stud, rafter or truss.

Turn the central turnbuckle, 2&3, spreading tool open to push chosen board against previously installed boards.

The chamfer, 5, on the nailer is always backside against the wall, floor or ceiling. When nails are used to secure through the nailer they can easily be removed by hooking the chamfer, 5, with the claw of a hammer.

The contoured reversible piece is matched to the board style by loosening the setscrew and reinstalling it on the screw/stud from the opposite end of the hole through the piece.

The setscrew is always the back against the wall, floor or ceiling.

Thin boards like aeromatic cedar and wainscot are pushed with the shiplap style facing outward of the reversible piece.

Pressure treated and similar flat edge board would also be pushed from this end.

When working with tongue and groove board the half moon cutout is provided so you can blind nail the board at the stud, rafter, or truss also.

The central turnbuckle is threaded completely through for more travel.

Thank you.

Original Devices


One - loose joint
Two - rotate turnbuckle
Three - nice tight fit!

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