Customer Testimonials

“Absolutely, positively, the most brilliant thing I have ever seen! I am thrilled with the quality and usefulness of your device.”

Mary P. – Warrenton, VA

“Let me say that this item is an absolute home-run! It was incredibly helpful, our floors look AMAZING! The floors we installed are 9 inches wide, 16 ft long custom milled white oak. There is absolutely no way we could have gotten them straight without this amazing little tool. The seams are all so tight that the floor almost looks like “plywood” because it is that hard to locate the seams. Lol.

The first thing I do after showing my co-workers (mostly DIY guys and construction guys) pictures of our floors, is to show them a picture of the simple, great, reasonably priced tool which made it all come together so thoroughly, and so easily. Maybe once every 10 years I stumble upon a tool that is a game changer. I suppose I have to wait 10 more years now!”

Pat K.- Wilmington, DE

“We have used this tool on several projects to help install Tongue and Groove ceilings. It is extremely helpful to push crowned boards into submission to get tight joints and maintain straight lines.

The first time we used it… we borrowed it from a colleague… and almost immediately wanted to buy one, but it took some time to hunt down the product online. This was several years ago and you may have more online presence now but I believe that this should be in every carpenter’s tool bag and if they knew it was out there…it probably would.

You could also visit:
All of the T&G ceilings featured on our website were installed using your product. ”

Joel W. – Honesdale, PA

“Most useful….for me, it’s best used in pairs, saved 3/4 of wood discarded…paid for itself many times over with just one small room.”

John M.- London, Ontario, Canada

“This tool saved the day when trying to straighten out long pieces of hardwood floor. It’s a simple tool, but a lifesaver for the DIY floor installer.”

James M.- Northbay, Ontario, Canada

” We literally couldn’t have even started this flooring without them! My son-in-law asked if he could have them when we’re done lol. I just sent him to your website. They work great when jumping them down the board to tighten them before we nail…and our boards are long..16ft. So my only regret is not buying a couple more. Thank you for inventing this product! Its a lifesaver!”

Kathleen S. – Cape Cod, MA

“BLOODY GREAT! I’m extremely happy with my purchase.”

Michael C.- Logan Village, Queensland, Australia

“The woodworker’s helping hand is an amazing tool that we used on our cabin carpentry project. We used it for our tongue and groove ceilings.”

Matt T.- Buffalo, MN

“I used it to install 3 large rooms in our house with Brazilian Cherry 3/4 inch Hard Wood which is extremely difficult to work with because it is so hard. It did what it was supposed to and that was to push the boards together.”

Fred G.- Howell, NJ

” I remember finding your tool for pulling hardwood flooring tight before nailing. It looked like a great durable invention and it was. I was able to really pull 5″ wide 3/4″ thick hickory wood flooring good and tight. I’ve shown a few friends your product because it was quick and easy to use and made for a great installation with tight tongue & groove lines. I am retired now and your tool made for a job I can be proud of. Thanks.”

James H. – Trent Woods, NC

“Worked perfectly and I still use it after 6 years – great angles, no wood waste.”

Deb D.- Brossard, Quebec, Canada

“I’ll say this is the handiest tool I have purchased in a long time. I just installed 900 feet of 5” red oak by myself using it to straighten any piece that was a little out of square. I nicknamed the tool “the persuader”. I saw a few other tools online for double or triple the price. Your tool is so simple and brilliant, I hope you can get one or two into the hands of every carpenter.”

Brad S.- Maynard, MA

“Good price, well made and it did the job. Great customer services as well, I would certainly recommend this product.”

Marilyn R.- Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada