The many lives of The WoodWorker's Helpin' Hand™
The WoodWorker's Helpin' Hand™ is a patented woodworking hand tool used to straighten hardwood flooring, decking boards, tongue & groove ceilings, shiplap siding, wainscot paneling, shiplap siding, log siding and more...
It is our mission to provide our customers with the best results possible with their woodworking and deck building projects.
If you or somebody you know performs these types of projects on a seasonal basis...share it. Let them know there's a better way.
Listen to what a few customers had to say....
“Let me say that this item is an absolute home-run! It was incredibly helpful, our floors look AMAZING!
-Pat K.
Wilmington, Delaware
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“This tool saved the day when trying to straighten out long pieces of hardwood floor. It’s a simple tool, but a lifesaver for the DIY floor installer.”
-James  M. 
Northbay, Ontario
"Bloody Great! I'm extremely happy with my purchase"
-Michael C.
Logan Village, Queensland, Australia
“I’ll say this is the handiest tool I have purchased in a long time. I just installed 900 feet of 5” red oak by myself using it to straighten any piece that was a little out of square. I nicknamed the tool “the persuader”. I saw a few other tools online for double or triple the price. Your tool is so simple and brilliant, I hope you can get one or two into the hands of every carpenter.”
-Brad  S.
Maynard, Massachusetts
“Good price, well made and it did the job. Great customer services as well, I would certainly recommend this product.”
-Marilyn R.
Sault st. marie, Ontario
“I used it to install 3 large rooms in our house with Brazilian Cherry 3/4 inch Hard Wood which is extremely difficult to work with because it is so hard. It did what it was supposed to and that was to push the boards together.”
-Fred G.
Howell, New Jersey
“The woodworker’s helping hand is an amazing tool that we used on our cabin carpentry project. We used it for our tongue and groove ceilings.”
-Matt T.
Buffalo, Minnesota
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“Most useful….for me, it’s best used in pairs, saved 3/4 of wood discarded…paid for itself many times over with just one small room.”
-John M.
London, Ontario, Canada
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“Worked perfectly and I still use it after 6 years – great angles, no wood waste.”
-Deb D.
Brossard, Quebec, Canada
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 The WoodWorker's Helpin' Hand™ can be used to achieve stunning results on a wide variety of projects
Hardwood Flooring

Softwood Flooring

Tongue & Groove Ceilings

Shiplap Siding
Pressure Treated/Composite Decking

Half Log Siding

Wainscot Paneling

Aeromatic Cedar Paneling

The WoodWorker's Helpin' Hand™ is a versatile, lightweight, well engineered, elegant yet powerful amalgamation of anodized aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel.
It's truly in a class of it's own. The reason I can say this is due to the fact that it can accomplish EVERYTHING it's competition can do and do it cheaper with less effort. This little beast can absolutely crush the competition in every way...ease of use, convenience, strength, versatility and most importantly.... PRICE!
I've seen our competitors charging anywhere from $45.00 all the way up to $250.00+...which is insane.
This is especially true when you realize The WoodWorker's Helpin'Hand™ can be purchased for just $ could purchase a handful with the money spent on a competitor. If you could call them a competitor.

We even have some individuals buying and reselling on a certain industry leading E-com giant for 2x or 3x the price, so to avoid the price gouging, get it straight from the manufacturer.

Take a look at some of our videos on our website ( and tell me that it isn't anything special and that it doesn't do exactly what it's designed to do.

I'll put it in the words of a loyal customer....

“Most useful….for me, it’s best used in pairs, saved 3/4 of wood discarded…paid for itself many times over with just one small room.”
John M., London, Ontario, Canada


So if you need help squaring up some unruly boards or maybe you like owning the newest tools, either way....don't overpay.
Take this photo for an example...
We received this photo from a customer named Pat.
Pat lives in Wilmington, Delaware
Pat left a Raving review.
Pat states that he laid down 9 inch wide by 16 foot long custom milled white oak tongue and groove boards. Pat took the extra effort to have some of his own lumber custom milled.
Pat wanted to be different.
The milling process is not a route just anyone would take to get the results they want, but he did.
So when he brought his newly minted custom milled boards home, the boards now needed to acclimate to the moisture content of the room they were to be installed in.
This is when he noticed that the boards began to "bow" and "warp".
In his panicked state, pat thought all that effort getting these boards milled was a waste of time and money.
I can't imagine that feeling, makes my back sweat just thinking about it.
So what did he do next? He hit the internet .
That's when he found us.
Pat quickly purchased 2 tools and resumed his custom floor installation.
You should be more like Pat.

This is what Pat had to say....

“Let me say that this item is an absolute home-run! It was incredibly helpful, our floors look AMAZING!....There is absolutely no way we could have gotten them straight without this amazing little tool. The seams are all so tight that the floor almost looks like “plywood” because it is that hard to locate the seams. Lol.
The first thing I do after showing my co-workers (mostly DIY guys and construction guys) pictures of our floors, is to show them a picture of the simple, great, reasonably priced tool which made it all come together so thoroughly, and so easily. Maybe once every 10 years I stumble upon a tool that is a game changer. I suppose I have to wait 10 more years now!”  -Pat K.  Wilmington, Delaware

In this photo you can see that one of our customers has installed what looks like common hardwood floors, but it's so much more than just any hardwood.
Its actually a very tough species of hardwood...Brazilian Cherry.

The customers name is Fred.
Here's what Fred had to say....

“I used it to install 3 large rooms in our house with Brazilian Cherry 3/4 inch Hard Wood which is extremely difficult to work with because it is so hard. It did what it was supposed to and that was to push the boards together.”

In fact, Brazilian Cherry is so hard it rates (2350) on the Janka hardness scale.
The Janka scale is used to rate the hardness of wood species, they determine this by driving a .444 inch ball into the wood to half the balls diameter.

For instance, I thought oak (1290) was hard until I worked with maple (1450), then I thought mohagany (2200) was the hardest until I seen this Janka scale.
Brazilian Cherry rates at an astonishing (2350) and is only eclipsed by a handful of species, mostly exotics.
Brazilian Pecan (3540), Red Cumuru (3640), Brazilian Ebony (3585), Brazilian Walnut (3680), to name a few.
Then there's the holist of the holy, hardest of the hard, Australian Buloke (5060)

Personally, I've installed Oak, Hard Maple, Mohagany, and our customers have installed various other types of species which now includes Brazilian cherry.

The WoodWorker's Helpin' Hand  easily straightened the rogue 9 inch wide oak boards that tried to ruin Pat's project and easily straightened Fred's  Brazilian Cherry just the same.
Someday we'll have to see how it handles some Patagonia Rosewood or Australian's still undefeated thus far.
Here's why our product can do everything all our competitors can one product.
Here in this photo you can clearly see how The WoodWorker's Helpin' Hand™ operates by being affixed to the joist surface of the deck.
It is this simple attribute that sets our product apart from the competition.
We do not rely on a binding mechanism on the joist. We do not require you to push or pull a handle while simultaneously trying to fasten the board like all other deck straightening tools. 
Our product utilizes a central turnbuckle which allows the user to very precisely meter the amount of force needed. Then when desired, can deliver board crushing power. 
What do you do if you don't have a joist?
What do you do if your installing pine or oak boards onto a plywood wall? 
What if your installing new material on top of old materials?
What if you don't want to hold a lever?
It's this attribute that allows the possibilities of what can be straightened practically limitless.​
Most deck board straighteners are just that...deck board straighteners, and that's all they can ever be.

That's why we can say we do everything our competitors can do....all in one tool.

Here's the takeaway....
This is a one-of-a-kind product that crushes the competition in ease of use, versatility, and most importantly....price
It can literally save the day if you have expensive hardwood flooring, decking, or tongue & groove boards warp out on you and threaten your projects beautiful finish
The incredible pushing strength that it possesses along with the precision to match it
Can be purchased for $34.95
The undeniable fact that our customers don't just like our product, they absolutely love it !
We are not just in the "Tool sales" business, we are in the "Beautiful floors, walls, ceilings, and decks business"
Warning: Quantities are limited due to the fact that we are a small manufacturer so get yours today while these advertisements are running.
These are not "MADE IN CHINA"
These are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A and always will be ( china's got enough jobs )
This one will be the exception. So claim yours now.