Hardwood/Softwood Flooring

The Woodworker’s Helpin’ Hand™ tool will straighten all of your hardwood and softwood flooring.
The dimensions or species of your wood does not matter when it comes to the power of our hand tool.

We’ve had customers easily straighten 3/4” thick x 3″ wide red mahogany, oak, maple, cherry and that’s just getting warmed up !

Below you can see 3/4″ thick x 9″ wide white oak….straightened with ease.

The customer stated it “looked like plywood” when he was done because you couldn’t find the seams….awesome finish!

You cannot get any tighter seams than that. Period.

Regardless of what your installing we’ve got you covered.

For a few tips during installation click here: tips and tricks for using the woodworker’s tool