Tips and Tricks for Proper usage

Using Your Woodworker’s Helpin’ Hand™

  • For best results keep threads lubricated and always start with tool fully closed.
  • Do not use a wrench or pipe on central turnbuckle to increase leverage.
  • Always keep nailer chamfer facing away from you towards the floor, wall stud or ceiling rafter/joist for easy removal, if using nails to fasten tool.
  • Always keep reversible head chamfer facing you for easy blind nailing (set screw towards working surface)

Working with Crooked or Bowed Wood

  • For really stubborn, crooked boards use two (2) Quality Deck screws in both holes provided.
  • For absolute worst case scenario use two (2) Helpin’ Hand tools with Quality Deck screws in both nailer holes and operate them simultaneously.
  • When installing CONCAVE boards start at one end, preferably the end with more straight length, and work your way across jumping the tool or tools a few times.
  • When installing a CONVEX board start by placing the tool or tools evenly spaced in the middle of the convex and “flatten” the curve.